Zarwu Koi was a stocky bushi in Shou Lung.[1]


Zarwu was an experienced soldier acting as a guard for caravans along the Ningtang Road in order to eliminate the growing menace of bandits in the hills of Ching Ring in 1358 DR. Disguised as a bandit himself, Zarwu roamed the hills, searching for the bandits.

After meeting a bandit group, he discovered that they were from the far Chukei Plains and questioning them, Zarwu discovered they had gone south in order to reach Chu' Yuan in order to rob people visiting the komite at Suijeng. During the night, Zarwu killed the sleeping bandits and took their heads to the merchants' guild that had hired him. Afterward, he decided to go south in order to participate in the komite.[1]



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