Zekaqux was one of the leading ixzan members of the Xendreth, ruling council of Malydren in 1370 DR, as well as the city's high priest of Ilxendren.[1]


Zekaqux born in the year of Malydren's founding, 602 DR, and together with Phiaqiv was transformed into a greater vampire by an avatar of Ilxendren. In time, thank to their experience, he and Phiaqiv became the leading members of the Xendreth.[1]


Zekaqux was one of the leading clerics of the city and master of the Ziggurat of the Demonray. He liked to swim in the deepest catacombs beneath the temple of Ilxendren. From this habit and his undead nature he received his nickname, "Netherhaunt".[1]



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