Zelpir was a small city in Var the Golden in the Shining Lands in 1367 DR.[2]


Zelpir sat on the southwest shore of the Golden Water near Pyratar.[1] Its location as the closest port to Heldapan made it the prime choice for those wishing to ship their wares north.[2]


Known for its production of fine jewelry and mechanical devices, some believed Zelpir's products rivaled those of the Lantannan Gondsmen. Water clocks, mechanical toys, and field glasses were just a few of the wonders that could be purchased here.[2]

Zelpir transported grain via ship or caravan north to Unther and Mulhorand.[2]


Though it only possessed a population of 8,000 inhabitants, Zelpir was growing quickly. However, the merchants were cautious about who they allowed to start a business within their city. All new businesses needed to be licensed and approved by the city council.[2]



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