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Within githzerai culture, zerths are those who mix arcane arts with other skills and powers — particularly martial or psionic ones. These githzerai follow the example of Zerthimon, even if they do so unintentionally. Any githzerai who multiclasses or hybrids an arcane class with a non-arcane class can claim the honorific "zerth." However, it is considered presumptuous to do so until other githzerai, other zerths especially, have recognized a would-be zerth's prowess. Such recognition rarely occurs before a githzerai has proven him or herself worthy with success on a few challenging ventures.

Among githzerai, zerths are the philosophical offspring of Zerthimon. For this reason, most zerths pay at least some honor to Zerthimon. Some githzerai, zerths and otherwise, believe that when Zerthimon returns the zerths will be his preferred assistants.

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