Zezen Washio was a samurai adventurer in Kozakura.[1]


Washio hailed from the illustrious and noble Zezen clan and he was the eldest son of an eldest son. His family had a long history, with his ancestor Zezen Ito penning the Great Interpretation of the Way of Enlightenment and winning in 1287 DR in the Battle of Falling Water together with powerful the lowland Hirimaki clan.

In the 1350s DR, many of Washio's female relatives married into the mercantile Ko clan.[1]

In 1357 DR, Washio was among the candidates considered by Ko Mei Kho for a mission to Akari.[1]

In 1358, he was offered a shugo in his native home vale but at the last moment he went out to fight a monster and kept on going, unclear whether he ever wished to return to bureaucratic duties. After this, he was possibly approached by Ko Ho San.[2]


Behind the scenesEdit

Zezen Washio is a pregenerated PC for use in adventures in Akari. He was presented again and upgraded for an adventure in T'u Lung.


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