Zhai was a half-drow, half-wood elf rogue of the 14th century DR.[1]


She was able to use twin daggers and had skill at hiding herself.[1]


Zhai was raised in the wood elf village of Cedarleaf by her drow mother and wood elf father, until they were killed indirectly by the slaad Ygorl in a raid against the town.[1]

Feeling insecure in the home of the wood elves, Zhai left them and became a rogue. She was captured by orcs attacking a town but was freed by Rannek during the battle. Soon thereafter, Zhai acquired a ring of jumping.[1]

Zhai eventually gained a reputation for herself, her deeds in Damara gaining the attention of Ellery Dragonsbane, who related them to Jarlaxle Baenre.[2]


Behind the scenesEdit

She is voiced by Vanessa Marshall.



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