Zhindia Melarn was the first matron mother of House Melarn in Menzoberranzan.[1]


Zhindia was known for being extremely fanatical to Lolth, and because of that and her status as the youngest matron on the Ruling Council, she was rarely taken seriously by other matron mothers.[2]


Zhindia was born circa 1130 DR, being 253 years old in 1383 DR.[1]

Zhindia became the first matron mother of the newly formed House Melarn in 1383 DR.[1]

At time of Rage of Demons she was respected for her zeal in rooting out drow apostates, especially within nobility.[3]


Zhindia was the daughter of Jerlys Horlbar, one of the former co-matrons of House Horlbar.[1] Zhindia's cousin Jhelnae Melarn, an apostate, was the target of her greatest hatred, although the two had once been friends. Zhindia's patron was Sornafein Melarn, whom she truly loved, although she never allowed her feelings to show for fear of being seen as weak.[1]



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