Zin-carla was a practice of the drow, given only to those who have most pleased Lolth the Spider Queen. Zin-carla was a spell that could give a corpse a semblance of life. It was a more advanced form of reanimation where the reanimated corpse was not simply a mindless zombie, but retained all the capabilities it had while it was alive. The corpse was also bound to do a single task, chosen by the person that reanimated it and approved by Lolth. To give the corpse the abilities it had while it was alive, the spirit of the person who the corpse belonged to in life was called to inhabit the body, but was given very little control over the corpse's actions beyond the use of its abilities. Zaknafein Do'Urden, weapons master of House Do'Urden was reanimated in this grisly way ten years after being killed in sacrifice to Lolth.




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In the book Exile by R.A. Salvatore, Shi'nayne, Vierna Do'Urden and the others of the house gathered. At the last moment, right before Matron Malice was about to kill Rizzen Do'Urden, Malice stabbed Shi'Nayne, actually SiNafay Hun'ett through the heart. Lolth was pleased. At that moment, going a bit too far, the Matron Mother ordered zin-carla, so she could send Zaknafein out to destroy Drizzt Do'Urden, who had betrayed the family ten years ago. The yochlol present gasped and told her she'd gone too far, but eventually agreed. The priestesses of House Do'Urden had to work for weeks before they could send Zak out hunting. Zin-carla made Zak do things he wouldn't have normally, and he killed many of the inhabitants of the Underdark before he reached Drizzt in Blingdenstone.


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