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Zinzerena was the drow goddess of chaos and assassins until Lolth killed her and took her portfolio.

Her symbol is a shortsword draped in a black cloak, symbolizing her hidden menace.[1]

Zinzerena was a female drow illusionist and assassin of supreme skill. Her mother faked her death in order to smuggle her away from the priestesses of Lolth. She grew in power, studying alone as an illusionist and assassin specializing in the use of poison and disguise. Zinzerena plotted against Lolth much like Vhaeraun does, opposing her tyrannical methods. At one time she resided in Menzoberranzan.[2]

Lolth killed her during or shortly after the Time of Troubles[3] and now uses her name and image as a disguise, attracting rebels and dissidents to her own worship through this ruse.


There has been rumors of Lolth killing an illusory Zinzerena. That Zinzerena has since then been in hiding and only a select few Drow know of her continued survival. She is greatly reduced in her abilities, as she had to make the copy real enough to fool a Goddess. As of 1484 DR, Zinzerena's followers have started to move again. This is where the rumors started and none have been able to verify the sources incase Zinzerena actually did survive or whether another diety decided to take up her followers.[citation needed]


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