Zinzerena (pronounced zin-zuh-RAY-nuh[1]) was the drow goddess of chaos and assassins until Lolth killed her and took her portfolio.


As a mortal, Zinzerena was incredibly agile and was a superb illusionist, making her a brilliant assassin.


Zinzerena possessed a magical cloak of resistance whose defensive powers fluctuated randomly and a magical shortsword that secreted a powerful venom that paralyzed those it struck.[3][1]


Zinzerena was born on a world other than Toril.[4] Her mother hid her from the priestesses of Lolth by faking her death when she showed a natural aptitude for illusions. She taught herself magic over several decades after acquiring several spellbooks and settled into the life of an assassin.[3] She proved to be an exemplary assassin and gained a great reputation over many centuries, having never been either caught nor her victims been allowed to live.[5] Stories told of her exploits caused many drow to see her as a hero. The Oerthan deity Keptolo sponsored Zinzerena's apotheosis, after which she stole a fraction of her benefactor's power, earning his enmity.[1] Pursued by several members of the drow pantheon for her activities, Zinzerena came to the city of Menzoberranzan on Toril,[2] where, in the wake of the Time of Troubles, Lolth found and slew her, subsuming Zinzerena as one of her aspects in order to attract the worship of drow who would otherwise rebel against her and to see if the act would increase her own divine power.[4]

Rumors & LegendsEdit

Tales of Zinzerena's exploits are many, and often tailored so that the events occurred in the locality where the tale is being told.[1]

One tale tells of how she obtained her magical cloak and sword. While contracted to assassinate a beholder, it was attacked by a slaad. She waited until the battle between them was over and the slaadi defeated before killing the weakened beholder and taking the sword and cloak that the slaad had brought with it to the fight.[3]

A second, more famous tale, presents Zinzerena as an entity much older than she actually was. Having been contracted to murder the matron of a drow house by the matron's younger sister, she studied her target for days before making her move. Once she had infiltrated the house, she was betrayed by her employer who, with her sister, wished to start their own guild of assassins but felt that they had to destroy their most powerful competition first. Once she had been torn apart by web golems, her remains mysteriously disappeared. The tale says that the day after this event, drow discovered their magical abilities of darkness and faerie fire.[5]


Raise yourself up by bringing others down. Don't reveal your strength, or your hatred, until your victim is helpless. Don't strike until you have the advantage; the only fair fight is the one you win. Once the trap is sprung, make time to gloat before the kill. The legs of the spider are made to be broken.





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