Ziran or bloodfast was a magical drug made from a number of subterranean fungi. The drow were the first to produce it.[1]


It was eaten as either as a white powder or as a tablet.[1]


Upon ingestion, ziran left one dazed for several seconds. After about a minute, ziran heightened the base agility and reflexes of its user for one to three hours.[1]

After the aforementioned boost ended, the user experienced a feeling of detachment or an out-of-body experience, as though they were looking at themselves from a distance. Their body, meanwhile, suffers real physical damage, though not of an irrecoverable nature.

Overdosing on Ziran was easy. When a person took two doses during the same day, they took a greater benefit but also suffered greater physical damage. While one could recover from the physical strain with sufficient rest, overdosing too often could lead to death.[1]

Ziran was highly addictive.[1]


The drug was known to the drow and was distributed among the military, for example among those of House Jaelre. Valas Jaelre, second cousin to Jezz the Lame, was a known producer of ziran alongside Kammarth.[2]

Knowledge about its production method spread to the surface at some point prior to the 14th century DR. Alchemists there started to cultivate the required fungi.[1]



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