Zormarq the Phantyrant was the last beholder hive mother of Ooltul, who survived as an undead doomsphere in 1370 DR.[1]


Zormarq was the last beholder hive mother to claim the title of ocularch. Her survival, although as an undead, and her continued ability to use clerical powers seemed miraculous and retained a measure of her authority about the Hive.

Her plan was obviously to reconquer Ooltul from the phaerimm. In 1370 DR, her drow agents found the mythical artifact Yuthla, the Eye of the Beholder, an artifact created by Menzoberra the Kinless which fallen into Zhent hands, but they lost it before going back to their master's lair. Her agents, the Zhentarim, and the agents of many beholders competed to find it again. If Zormarq found it, she would rally the Anaurian Hive under herself.[1]



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