Zorquan (pronounced ZORE-kwon)[1] was the neutral dragon god of dragonkind and "dragonness", that is, the essence of what it was to be a dragon.[2] Zorquan was supposed to encompass all alignments dragonkind could have, but was often regarded as neutral.[1]


Myths held that Zorquan could take the form of a perfect specimen of whatever species of dragonkind he wished to. His eyes crackled with sparks, sometimes spitting lightning bolts that flashed and cracked around his body.[1]


It was believed Zorquan had a castle in the Prime Material Plane. Legends told of dragons with the temerity to visit his halls, but gave no details on how to get there.[1]


It was widely believed that it was Zorquan who influenced the dragon's apathy toward their gods during the Time of Dragons, as a way to stop the wars between the different religious factions of dragons, as those wars threatened to extinguish the whole dragon population of Toril.[3]


Members of all species of dragonkind worshiped Zorquan.[1]


Although Zorquan was often said to be the deity of dragonkind, his true role was as the deity of "dragonness", the central ideals of what dragons believed was the concept of being a dragon: power, pride—which all dragons, even golds, had in abundance—and most importantly, status.[1]

Zorquan was totally unconcerned with creatures of non-draconic species, unless their behavior affected dragonkind in any way. He was said to be the implacable enemy of any who would harm dragonkind as a race. However, he didn't care about individuals. As such, he didn't bother to punish adventurers for killing the occasional chromatic dragon.[1]



  1. While Cult of the Dragon (1998) lists him as an intermediate deity, Draconomicon (1990) states that he is a greater deity.


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