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Zrie Prakis was a lich. In life, he was the lover of Cassana. After Cassana killed him at the conclusion of a rivalry between the two, she turned him into a lich and made him into her slave. Like his former lover, Zrie was vain and hateful.[1]

History Edit

Zrie Prakis lived several centuries ago, falling in love with Cassana and parting ways with her early in their careers. When they were reunited, they developed a hateful rivalry to see who had become stronger in the time they had been apart and ended this rivalry with his death. Cassana kept his remains at her side until she transformed him into a lich, and developed a magical wand to keep him in check while all the while, he quietly plotted Cassana's destruction but was unable to act upon those plans.[1]

Zrie was destroyed during the final confrontation with Alias and her allies when the wand that Cassana used to bind him, was destroyed by being thrown into another dimension, severing his link to the dark energies that sustained him.[2]

Appearance Edit

Zrie appeared as most liches. He had taut age worn translucent skin stretched over his bones. His hollow black eye sockets each contained a pinpoint of evil red light.[3]


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