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Zstulkk Ssarmn was a slaver of Skullport and one of the founders of the Iron Ring.[1]


Zstulkk Ssarmn's head closely resembled a human, but the rest of his body was that of a large snake with no arms or legs. He wore a magical neckband that made him appear fully human with a low-sloping forehead but with skin that did not quite conceal a pattern of scales.[1]


In order to appear human, Zstulkk had a magical neckband that altered his appearance. He was also known to wear a brooch of shielding and a ring of protection +2.[4]


The leaders of the consortium, known as the Lords of Iron, were reluctant partners at best and despised enemies at worst, but worked together enough to make a successful slave trade organization, all the while scheming to take control of the consortium for themselves.[1] In Nightal 1369 DR, Zstulkk Ssarmn threatened another Lord of Iron, Ahmaergo of the Xanathar Thieves' Guild, in front of the general populace and then later that night staged a symbolic attack on Ahmaergo's residence using yuan-ti agents. The purpose of this show of force was unknown, but Ahmaergo responded by changing and reinforcing his defenses and having two yuan-ti publicly murdered in the street.[5]


Zstulkk, a yuan-ti abomination hailed from Hlondeth[2], was one of the most prominent slavers in Skullport. He realized the limitation to independent slave trade, so in 1363 DR,[6] he founded—together with fellow slaver and priest of Loviatar, Quinan Varnaed—the Iron Ring Consortium.[1] Zstulkk maintained a cadre of yuan-ti purebloods and half-breeds under him.[4]

One of his plots was to construct a secret temple to Sseth and afterward create so many yuan-ti that they could overthrow the city.[4] This temple was completed by 1372 DR beneath his home, and the process of creating new yuan-ti servitors was begun, including the creation of tainted ones.[3]


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