Zulifein T'orgh held the position of secondwizard of a group belonging to Clan Auzkovyn in 1372 DR.[1]


Zulifein T'orgh was born in Sshamath and enjoyed a privileged life as a wizard. At some point, he grew bored and started torturing and murdering, first animals but gradually escalating to citizens of his city. His father bribed city guards to keep him out of trouble, until he killed a favored slave and pet of a powerful wizard called Ryld Corborel. He had to flee and managed to escape to the surface, where joined Clan Auzkovyn.

The group he joined with lost its leader in a fight against Lolth-worshipers and he was pressured to lead but he didn't want the responsibility. In fact, he was glad that the Widower appeared to relieve him of this burden before he had to carry it.

He gained the position of secondwizard under the Widower and when he left, he was the one who inherited the Obsul Ssussun to use it in the fight against Lolth. He had other plans. After leaving the ranger Divolg Lun with the burden of leadership, he left for Sshamath, remaining incognito through the elf disguise spell. He hoped that Ryld's anger has ebbed after a year and that he could buy himself out of trouble with the Obsul Ssussun if not.[1]


Zulifein's spell selection focused on spells that enhanced the combat and other mundane abilities of his own or that of his fellows, interestingly to the point that he had hardly any purely offensive spells in the sense of causing actual damage by himself.

He had some training in melee combat.

Despite being only one year on the surface, he became perfectly attuned to sunlight and suffered no ill effects.[1]


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