Zymena was a demon sorceress in Westgate around 1374 DR.


Zymena became intrigued by the banshee Elandra and the Human Cattle Factory built by the Night Masks' leader Orbakh. She decided that she wanted Elandra and the factory for herself. So Zymena posed as a human sorceress and helped the rebellious vampire Tasheni to create the Ebon Claws crime organization to start a war against the Night Masks.

Around 1374 DR, Zymena was decisive in helping an adventurer in their fight with the Night Masks. At last, when it seemed that the adventurer had killed Orbakh and Tasheni, Zymena arrived together with two erinyes to take possession of the factory, showing her true nature. However, the adventurer managed to defeat Zymena (and Orbakh was revealed to have faked his death).[1]



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